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Primary Educational Activities

Educational Primary School Activities

We offer educational primary school activities for students in grades 1 to 4. Our mobile petting zoos are an excellent educational teaching tool for food source and food safety. Students retain more when they have fun primary school activities.

Teaching primary students about food sources can be a challenge. Pictures, videos and printed material don’t tell the student the whole story. Food source education takes on a whole new dimension when students can touch, smell, feel and interact with the farm animals that are part of their food source. Our mobile zoos deliver true interactive primary school activities.

Educational Primary School Activities

Teaching about the origins of our food chain helps primary students connect the dots on where their food comes from. There is a big difference reading about farm animals and seeing the real thing. Our farm animal stars have friendly personalities, which makes for informative primary school activities.

We also offer an educational option with our mobile zoos that concentrate on teaching primary students about their source of food and food safety. When great content and live animals are combined, learning turns into exciting primary school activities.

Our Primary School Activities produce results in 3 easy steps

In order to get the most out of our mobile educational school activities we suggest three easy steps for presenting food safety and food source.

Prior to having your mobile petting zoo event we recommend that primary students learn about our farm animals. Knowing more about farm animals gives students a basic knowledge base and prepares them for the live primary school activities.

When the scheduled day arrives we take care of all the set up details and clean up. Our mobile zoos are accessible to all indoor and outdoor locations at any primary school. All we need is a small patch of space, which we leave the space in the same or better condition, than when we set up for the primary school activities.

After the petting zoo activities we suggest that primary students review what they have learned. Teachers are usually amazed by how much their students have retained and is the reason why we have so many schools that book yearly primary student activities.

Fun Primary School Activities at reasonable rates

We have three mobile petting zoo sizes so we can handle small and large primary schools. Our animal stars have literally appeared at hundreds of schools. We know what it takes to create successful primary school activities.

Give us a call or schedule a return call to supplement teaching food source and food safety. You can also check out our reasonable rates for our primary school activities.
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