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Preschool Farm Activities

Preschool Activities

Our mobile farm preschool activities educate and fascinate preschoolers anywhere in the Vancouver lower mainland and Fraser Valley. Preschool farm activities educate preschoolers on the basics of farm animals and where their food actually comes from. Our mobile farm comes with memorable educational preschool activities.

Preschoolers are always fascinated as they connect the dots on how farm animals are part of the foundation of our food chain. Most preschoolers living in today’s urban environment have never seen or experienced real live farm animal activities. Reading about a farm animal is totally different than the touch, sound, smell and animal personalities in our farm preschool activities.

Preschool activities with our mobile petting zoo are an introduction for preschoolers about farm animals. In order to get maximum effect, three parts or sections should be utilized when planning farm preschool activities:

Introduction - Preschool Activities

Prior to the LIVE farm day event it helps to review the different kinds of farm animals the preschoolers will be seeing. It is beneficial to review one or two animals a day prior to their live farm preschool activities.

We have literally appeared at hundreds of preschools throughout the Vancouver lower mainland and Fraser Valley. We are a valuable information resource for planning lessons. Ask us for more information on how we can assist in planning farm related preschool activities.

Mobile Farm Day - Preschool Activities

With the proper introduction activities to farm animals, preschooler excitement and anticipation will reach a crescendo, as the day approaches when the mobile petting zoo finally arrives. The information gathered during the introduction step will come alive when your preschoolers interact and experience our mobile farm activities.

We are very familiar with the barrage of questions and misconceptions we can expect from preschoolers. Interacting with farm animals is an excellent method for preschoolers to turn what they have learned into reality. A real animal experience is one of the most fun and effective preschool activities.

Preschool Activities after farm day

This is where our mobile farm really pays off. Activities centred on what the preschoolers experienced with the mobile farm will reinforce what they have learned. It is often amazing to see how much a preschooler has absorbed and their ability to retain the lessons from their farm preschool activities.

For a preschooler, our farm activities will be something they refer back to for the rest of their lives. Let us help you put together a unique learning experience for your preschool activities.

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