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Horse and Rider Extras - Movie Horses

Movie Horses and Production Companies

We provide movie horses for movie production companies. We also offer horse and rider extras for production companies with transportation, wrangling, stunt riding and we even supply farm animal extras. If you are with a production company looking for extras then you are in the right place for movie horses.

We work with production companies to come up with the right combination of movie horses and the right skill level for horse and rider extras. We understand our production customers need to ensure their project comes in on time and on budget, while maintaining the quality of the extras and movie horses.

Movie Horses and Farm Animals

We maintain high quality standards for our movie horses. Our horses are well cared for and we also provide wranglers to assist the cast and crew handling the horses. We only use safe professional transportation for our horses.

Our movie horses are highly trained. Our horses are quiet and responsive in high volume traffic and loud city noise. Movie horses are trained with western riding, English riding and bareback. Some of our horses are very skilled in jumping, stunts and trick riding. Like humans, horses have different levels of skill, especially when it comes to movie horses.

As you can see by our website we also provide farm animals for those quaint farm scenes. Like our movie horses we always maintain a high living standard for our farm animals. With our farm animals you can expect the same level of safety and care as we provide for our movie horses.

Horse and Rider Extras

Every production project is unique and requires a different combination of movie horses. A horse for a background scene requires a lot less training than a horse doing jumping scenes. We realize production companies run tight budgets so we match the horse to the skill level required. Our rates vary with the skill levels of our movie horses.

We have some phenomenal riders available in different heights and sizes. The part of a movie horse in a production usually determines the skill levels of rider extras. Of course we also strive to match the body type and size of the rider.

We quote on your needs

We base our quotes on the specific project requirements of our production company clients. To discuss your needs further, call, schedule a call back or request a quote on rider extras and movie horses.
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