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Meet The Stars

Meet our Stars

Here are some of the farm animal stars that appear in our mobile petting zoo. These are just some of the barnyard farm animals your child will experience. It takes years to put together a mobile zoo with the right combination of animals that have the right personality for children.

Princess Aurora
That's right, I am a princess! I was born and raised on a Dairy farm in Abbotsford, BC. They were a nice family but did not have the time to take care of me. I was loaded on to a truck and dropped off at the farm. When I first showed up I had cow hocked legs and my hooves so long I could hardly walk. After many trims my hooves finally became healthy again and my legs straightened out. I love living on the farm where I can play with other horses, which is much more fun than hanging out with cows!
Princess Aurora
I am a rare pure white hair sheep. This means I grow very little wool and it sheds out in the spring. There aren't many of us around and here is some more information on St. Croix Sheep. As a young lamb I was loaded up with 44 of my other friends and sent off to market. We were prime lamb. When the truck stopped at the Farm every one of us ran to the back scared. I was the only one brave enough to go take a look and ended up choosing my new owner. Now years later, life here as an old retired sheep is good. My days are spent grazing, taking long naps in the sunshine and playing with children.
When I came to the farm I was in bad shape, walking sideways and falling over. My head was always tilted and I kept losing my balance. The farmers knew what was wrong with me and cured my ear infection with several gentle cleanings and daily ear drops. I was good as new in no time and I am really healthy now.
Butter Scotch
I am a tough Boer goat, I really am! Just because my size is much smaller than the average goat I was turfed aside. This is actually a good thing because Boer goats are a typical meat breed and I slipped through the cracks! When I went to the farm all I needed was a foot trimming from excessive over growth and a good bath! Now I get to spend my days running up and down my favorite hill, playing King of the Castle with the other goats.
I am a very fortunate Dairy bred goat to be placed in the home that I was. My family bottle fed me, pampered, bathed me and of course loved me. Because of their great love they decided that the City of Burnaby was no place for a farm animal to grow up and placed me with the farm when I was 3 months old. Although I will miss them very much, I am so happy to be running around in pastures with other baby goats and lambs. My original family will continue to visit me and I will always love them for the healthy start they gave me.
"I'm a big race horse,
I can run so fast,
I don't even think about
being last...

At the starting gate,
hear that whistle crack,
feel that runnin' blood ripple
through my back.."
-Michael Martin Murphey

Well I guess that wasn't really my case, I'm quite happy to just stroll along in the slow lane. Off to the sale I went along with every other race horse who doesn't make the cut. Fortunately for me I was snagged up by Cinemazoo before I sold for 'beef' (as they call it) and I'v turned into a lovely jumper and dressage horse. This is where I belong, smelling the roses at a much slower pace!
Thoroughbred Horse
When I was shipped away from my family I didn't know why. They were kind people and took care of me well. I guess because of lack of time and shortage of money they could no longer keep a horse. In 2008 I came to live at the farm. It was soon discovered through x-ray why I was constantly tripping over my own feet. I have Navicular: a degenerative disease that unfortunately has no cure. But through corrective shoeing every 5 weeks and daily medication my feet are feeling much better! I will now live out my days as a horse to the fullest and spend every moment that I can with the love of my life, Carissa.
Once upon a time I was an exceptional ranch horse. Cutting, roping and herding cattle, life was hard work but very rewarding. An injury brought this all to a halt. Eventually I did heal but excessive scar tissue left me with arthritis. My days of being a working horse were over. I moved to the farm in the fall of 2002 and grew into my new owner's best pal and friend. Together we go on light rides and adventures, which is the perfect amount of exercise for a horse of my age.
I was born and raised on the farm. My girl, Christina, fell in love with me at first sight and we have spent our days strolling down to the mailbox, going for daily walks down the Matsqui Trail and enjoying picnics of fine fruits and vegetables, sometimes the odd cookie for dessert. The only downfall of living in BC would be the rain. As soon as a sprinkle comes we sheep all high tail it for the barn!
Dorper Sheep
Happy Easter! I am the most festive chicken on the farm. Every early morning I spend with my owner following her from stall to stall doing chores and getting a snack of corn here 'n there. Then off to go lay my egg I go.. Now why sit with the other clucking girls in the hen house when I can pick a brand new location to lay every day, thus making each and every day a brand new Easter Egg Hunt!
Polish Chicken
Salt n Peppa
We're here and loving every minute of living in Canada. Originally we come from Holland and are slowly becoming more popular in Canada. Because of our fancy bright colours and cool hair do's we are the stars of any back yard flock. The two of us, along with a variety of other fancy chickens came from a hatchery in Texas as fertilized eggs. We were then shipped to Aldergrove to be hatched and moved to our farm when we were only 3 hours old.
Oreo Mint Mc Flurry, that is my full name. My mother had been in poor condition and was brought to a local butcher. They were surprised to see my little feet coming out minutes before she had passed. So I was picked up by Cinemazoo at 1 hour old. Because I was so tiny and delicate I got to live in the house with heat lamps and was bottle fed every 3 hours. This is what made me the strong healthy sheep I was meant to be. I am long retired now and enjoy being a full time mom to my own bouncing babies.
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