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Kindergarten Activities

Kindergarten Educational Activities

We provide kindergarten activities that fascinate and educate. Our educational farm activities for the classroom include our mobile petting zoo, with child friendly farm animal activities for children in kindergarten. Our mobile zoo is available anywhere in the Vancouver lower mainland and Fraser Valley for educational kindergarten activities.

Kindergarten is a unique time in a child’s life as they develop social skills and discover where things like food originate. Kindergartners are thirsty learners, as they connect the dots. On the other hand, their attention spans require creative activities.

This is where our mobile petting zoo comes in with our educational approach and real farm animals. We handle all the details from setting up to supplying hand sanitizer to each child exiting. We always take down and leave your grounds in immaculate condition. All you need to do is provide some parking lot space for our mobile educational kindergarten activities.

3 Step Kindergarten Activities

We have found that the most effective teaching method with our mobile zoo is a simple three step system for children in kindergarten.

The first step is an introduction to farm animals in the classroom. We have found the most effective method is to cover an animal a day leading up to petting zoo day. Kindergarten teachers also find that the anticipation builds, as the day approaches for the live farm activities.

The second step is the real fun part of our kindergarten activities. Our knowledgeable people take an educational approach to questions when the children interact with the animals. Kindergarten children learn how animals are groomed and experience the different personalities in our farm.

The third step is to review the farm animals after their farm activities. This cements their new knowledge and clears up any misconceptions. Our mobile petting zoo delivers far more than a few hours of kindergarten activities.

Make our petting zoo part of your Kindergarten Activities

When making your course plan for kindergarten activities, consider our mobile petting zoo. We don’t require much space and our expertise is included. Give us a call or request a Quote on our Kindergarten Activities.
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