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Looking for event ideas for your next school fundraiser? Then consider our mobile petting zoo, which is a great event attraction for a family and children oriented school fundraiser in the Vancouver lower mainland, Fraser Valley and Tri Cities area . Our mobile petting zoos will attract the right crowd for your school fundraiser.

One of the biggest problems for a school fundraiser event is ideas that draw in families and children, especially younger children. School fundraiser ideas need to focus on attracting the whole family, including the younger siblings in the family. Put our mobile petting zoos at the top of your list of school fundraiser ideas.

Our mobile zoos will turn your school fundraiser into a child and family magnet

It doesn’t matter how small or large your event is, as we have three mobile zoo sizes to choose from for any size school fundraiser. Our mobile petting zoos operate rain or shine. We handle set up, teardown and clean up. All you have to do is run your school fundraiser.

It doesn’t matter if it rains at your school fundraiser. Should it rain at your fundraiser, then the children and their family are protected from the rain. Our mobile petting zoos are covered and enclosed, which is why our petting zoo is one activity your fundraiser can count on, rain or shine. Our zoos are accessible to all indoor and outdoor locations at any large school fundraiser.

We have done a lot of school fundraisers over the years and can be a good source for school fundraiser ideas. We also offer several petting zoo options that will enhance revenues on any school fundraiser. Mobile petting zoos are a revenue magnet at a school fundraiser.

Book your school fundraiser event early

When working on your fundraiser ideas and planning your event, it is a good idea to give us a call about potential dates you are looking at for your fundraiser. Different times of the year can be hard to book, plus we have many schools that book us around the same time every year for their school fundraiser.

Give us a call, Request a call back or schedule call to discuss your school fundraiser ideas.
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