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Animal Farm Lessons

Farm Lessons

Farm lessons or animal farm lesson plans are provided by Cinemazoo to enhance the learning experience between young children and farm animals with our petting zoo. Our farm animal teaching plans are perfect for teachers to use to prep children for their petting zoo learning experience about barnyard animals on the farm. It is our hope that preschool, kindergarten and grade school teachers will benefit from our animal farm lessons.

Our animal farm teaching plans come in three levels spanning from preschool to grade school children. Teachers will be able to determine what level their children are at and set up their teaching plans. Real farm animals are a highly educational experience for children living in a densely populated city. Many children have only seen farm animals in books and on TV. Our teaching plans are intended to help teachers organize and structure their barnyard farm lessons.

Once a teacher feels comfortable knowing that their students have a basic understanding of the animals, and how to interact with them, then they can book our Mobile Petting Zoo to come to the school, or daycare. The students will be able to interact and learn about our farm animals with the help of their teachers and our qualified staff.

Farm Animal Teaching Plans

Level 1 - Preschool

This teaching plan is geared to preschoolers to children in kindergarten. Each class has different levels so it is just a case of starting at the learning level your class is at. Prepping the children on farm animals will build up anticipation and questions when they get to interact with our real live animals.

Level 2 - Kindergarten

This farm lesson or teaching plan is geared to advanced preschoolers and children in kindergarten. Lessons can be used before our mobile petting zoo appears so their minds are already open to farm animals. Lessons after their petting zoo experience will reinforce their new found knowledge. Understanding our source of food is just one of the ways for children to learn why we have farm animals.

Level 3 – Early Grade School

This farm lesson or teaching plan is geared to children in early grade school. Elements from other lessons can also be integrated for a more suitable teaching plan. The main point of these lessons is to show children how farm animals affect our everyday lives. Their experience with real live farm animals is something they can see and touch. Enhancing the learning process is the goal of our farm lessons.

Farm Lessons and a Petting Zoo

Our mobile petting zoo is a great learning tool for young children. Bring excitement to your class with our petting zoo and our free farm lessons.

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