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Farm Animal Rentals

Animal Rentals

We rent farm animals for community events, corporate events, movie productions and many other occasions such as farm themed birthday parties. Delivery and pick up available on our farm animal rentals.

Animal rentals are available anywhere in the Vancouver lower mainland, Fraser Valley and Tri Cities areas. Give us a call if you are thinking about renting farm animals.

Farm Animal Rentals is a great idea for numerous occasions

Animal rentals are often used for Church and Community nativity scenes. Family birthday parties, radio station promos, circus themed parties and weddings with a farm theme are just a few of the events we have provided with farm animal rentals.

Our farm animals are in excellent health and child friendly. We have a large selection of farm animals to choose from for the right combination for any farm themed event. If you want to create a farm type atmosphere then consider our animal rentals.

Sometimes people will rent one or a couple of farm animals. In other instances we have supplied dozens of farm animals for a complete barnyard experience. Whatever the occasion, we can put together the right mix of animal rentals.

How do animal rentals work?

Rates on animal rentals vary according to the number and type of animals. We deliver the farm animals directly to your event and we also pick them up. This set up includes one of our farm hands to help the host and take care of the farm animals.

We have been providing farm animal rentals for a very long time. It seems that every year brings a new group of fantastic ideas for animal rentals.

Once we know the type, date, time and duration of the event we will be able to provide you with a reasonable rental quote. We usually find that rental customers discover the costs to be a lot less than they anticipated. We will also be able to answer any questions you may have about animal rentals.

Get a Quote to rent farm animals

Whether planning a large school event or a simple live display it is best to check with us for availability on the date or potential dates. You can also schedule time to discuss animal rentals.
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