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Fall Festival Ideas

Planning a Fall Festival?

Fall festival ideas are always hardest when it comes to planning activities for younger kids. Our mobile zoo is a great educational activity idea for young kids at fall harvest festivals. Be sure to consider our mobile petting zoo when planning and looking for your fall festival ideas.

A mobile petting zoo at a Fall Festival is a magnet for young city kids. Children raised in the city rarely get a chance to interact with farm animals. Many young children, in particular, have only seen farm animals in pictures and on TV. Our mobile zoo introduces personalities of real live farm animals they can touch and smell. For parents and children the petting zoo will be a recurring memory of your farm festival.

After all, petting zoos and a fall festival are a winning combination. A petting zoo with farm animals is a natural attraction and pulls in families at a farm festival.Our Mobile Petting Zoo is a perfect Fall Festival Idea.

Rain or shine - Our mobile zoo will be a popular attraction at your Fall Festival

Our mobile petting zoo operates rain or shine. We handle set up, teardown and clean up. All you have to do is run your fall festival.

For maximum results be sure to mention the petting zoo in all promotional materials for your fall festival. Parents with young children are constantly searching for ideas and fun things to do, as a family. A petting zoo attraction is a strong motivator for young families to go to your Fall Festival.

Fall Harvest Festivals are a natural setting for a petting zoo. The farm animals are getting ready for winter and their hair is growing thicker. Fall is the perfect time to see how some farm animals change their appearance, as winter approaches. A petting zoo with farm animals fits in with the main theme of a fall festival.

Book our mobile petting zoo for your next Fall Festival

Looking for fall festival ideas? Turn your ideas into reality with our mobile petting zoo early for your next Fall Festival. Give us a call, or use one of our forms if you have any questions or concerns. You can also request a Quote on our mobile fall festival ideas.
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