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Planning original events for seniors can be a difficult time consuming task for a retirement home. Also, retirement home events are even harder when it comes to the annual family day at a senior’s home. This may come as a surprise, but our mobile petting zoos are extremely effective with events for seniors.

Over the years we have appeared at a lot of retirement home events. We also appear annually at many retirement home family day events for seniors, where seniors invite family and relatives to attend. Our mobile petting zoos transform family day events into a bonding session between family and seniors.

Retirement home family day is an opportunity for a retirement home to put their best foot forward and attract new seniors. However, one of the biggest family day challenges is getting the seniors children and grandchildren to actually attend the events. You will find that our mobile petting zoos solves the perennial problem of attendance at your events for seniors.

Why our mobile zoos transform events for seniors

There are three main reasons why our mobile zoos create successful events for seniors.

Our mobile zoos boost attendance, are wheel chair accessible and create exciting anticipation for grandchildren and the seniors. Children having to go to Grandma or Grandpa’s retirement home family day take on a completely different attitude when they find out there will be a petting zoo at the family day. Our petting zoos literally turn opposition into anticipation when our animal stars appear at events for seniors.

The second reason is the magic that naturally occurs when you combine our farm animal stars with grandchildren, children and seniors. It is hard to describe the wonder of children interacting with farm animals with their grandparents, but it is makes for truly amazing events for seniors.

What is especially touching are the tears from long gone memories for the seniors. Watching the grandchildren interacting with our animal stars unleashes a torrent of memories of when their children were children. It is this is reason why our mobile petting zoos are always a hit at events for seniors.

The third benefit for retirement homes is the type of public relations or PR, money usually can’t buy. When our animal stars appear at events for seniors it is always a memorable occasion for seniors and their families. Events like this quickly come to mind when a family member is asked if they know of a good retirement home.

Spice up your events for seniors

We have extensive experience appearing at events for seniors. Give us a call or request a Quote on zoo events for seniors.
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