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Corporate Event Ideas for Children

Corporate event ideas for children can be a difficult task when planning an event. Our mobile petting zoo adds a unique attraction to any corporate event involving children. Consider our Cinemazoo mobile petting zoos for your next child friendly corporate event.

Our mobile zoos are available anywhere in the Vancouver lower mainland for corporate events. We are flexible when it comes to fulfilling corporate event ideas. In addition to our standard packages we can provide child friendly event ideas. We can put together a customized package of options to fill any type of corporate event ideas.

For years, we have been providing child friendly events for our educational and corporate clients in Vancouver and the lower mainland. We know through experience what it takes to make a successful child friendly corporate event.

Corporate Event Ideas for rain or shine

Rain or shine, it doesn’t matter if your corporate event ideas are indoors or outdoors. We have mobile zoo farms that are covered and enclosed, which makes it the perfect petting zoo no matter what the weather at your event. It can be accessible to all indoor and outdoor locations at any corporate event.

With our child friendly zoos the fencing is knee height so even the smallest of children can reach over and pet the animals. Corporate event ideas with an educational focus will benefit from our educational package, where we emphasize the education behind our Petting Zoo through different activities at your event.

Corporate event ideas can be all over the place. We often come up with neat solutions to fill those ideas. Our goal is to turn your ideas into reality and deliver a child friendly corporate event.

Turn your corporate event ideas into a child friendly event

Let us help you brainstorm when planning your corporate event ideas. We have a wide range of farm animals that have been selected for their child friendly personalities. When it comes to farm animals, we have provided mobile petting zoos for a long time to educational and corporate events.

Give us a call and we can discuss your ideas. You can also schedule a time to explore your corporate event ideas.
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