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Branding with Farm Animals

Branding with farm animals can make a memorable brand identity

Brand identity and a brand logo with farm animals can help make your product a success. Branding with farm animals is a natural brand solution for many products and services. Farm animals can also bring a sense of humour when marketing your product. The right farm animals with the right product can make a very powerful brand identity.

Memorable brand identity with farm animals links your product to customers with fond memories of animals and instant recognition. A prime example is the instant recognition shoppers in Canada had for the cow on Cow Brand Baking Soda. For almost a hundred years the cow on the box meant instant brand recognition. There are many other examples of successful branding with farm animals and brand identity.

Farm animals in a brand logo are common used in food and food related products. If there is a connection between your product and farm animals then the idea should be explored for possible brand identity.

A unique brand identity requires unique farm animals

We have a fine stable of farm animal stars. Our farm animals are child friendly and we also have many animals with great personalities. If one of our animal stars is what you are looking for, we can take care of the logistics before, during and after photo shoots. We provide full support so you can concentrate on building your brand identity.

Our farm animal stars are also available for promotional events and special appearances. Some of our stars are hams and can spice up any brand identity.

You are also in the right place if you are thinking of using a farm animal for your next brand logo.

How to increase your brand identity

Increasing your brand identity with farm animals is easy. Simply give us a call and we would be pleased to help you figure out the options. We understand that one of the most important marketing elements for a company is their brand identity.

You can also schedule a call back or request a free Quote on creating your corporate brand identity.
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