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About Our Farm Animals

Our Farm Animals

All of our farm animals live on a quiet acreage in Abbotsford. Our animals are the unwanted, or less fortunate. Some come to us by donation when someone can no longer care for them. Others are from local auctions, SPCA seizures and unexpected birthing at slaughter houses.

In today’s commercial farms only the profitable animals are chosen. Production is fast paced and many animals are quick to be discarded. For the lucky few, we rescue as many animals as we can.

Every one of our animals has the free choice to be indoors in dry bedding or go outside to feel the sunshine. They are fed three times a day and bedding is changed daily. We treat our animals with compassion, love and free choice.

All animals are up to date on vaccines, on a worming program, hooves trimmed regularly and provided with medication when required. Our animals are part of a large family farm where they are wanted, loved and taken care of for the rest of their natural lives.

Our farm is NOT open to the public. We appreciate your respect when it comes to our animal's home. Our farm animals, just like us, need days off too, to relax and just be animals. We ask that you do not drop by our farm to visit the animals. If you wish to interact with our farm animals, please Contact Us to book our Mobile Petting Zoo to come to you.

Mobile Petting Zoo and our animals

We keep our Mobile Zoos sanitary at all times. We set up fencing, supply feed, clean droppings immediately and supply hand sanitizer to each person exiting. We take down and leave your grounds in immaculate condition. All you need to do is provide the space.

Our petting zoo animals have been chosen for their friendly personalities. Our trained staff keeps a watchful eye and is readily there to help. We take an educational approach to questions and maintain the safety of the animals and children.

Healthy, happy farm animals

Healthy, happy farm animals are the key to a successful mobile petting zoo. It takes years to put together a professional petting zoo. Our farm animals live in a healthy and loving environment, which is why our animals are so easy going and great with children.

We have a veterinarian on call should any of our animals need care. We are proactive when it comes to the health of our animals. Just to emphasize the point we had a prominent veterinarian review our operation and here is their summary on our environment for farm animals.
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