Mobile Petting Zoo for Party's and Events
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Meet our Mobile Petting Zoo STARS
These STARS are just some of the farm animals that appear in our Mobile Petting Zoo
Princess Aurora
Miniature Horse
June 2, 2006
St. Croix Sheep
Spring 2007
Flemish Giant Rabbit
Spring 2011
Butter Scotch
Boer Goat
November 5, 2013
Saanen Goat
January 5, 2014
Thoroughbred Horse
January 1, 2004
May 30, 2003
June 25, 1996
Dorper Sheep
Feb 4, 2011
Polish Chicken
April 21, 2008
Salt n Peppa
Polish Chickens
May 19, 2013
Dorper Sheep
Spring 2006

Welcome to the Cinemazoo Mobile Petting Zoo


The Cinemazoo Petting Zoo is a traveling, or mobile petting zoo that provides educational interactive fun with farm animals for children. Our mobile petting zoo is available anywhere in the Fraser Valley and lower mainland of Vancouver.

The main goal of our petting zoo is to provide a safe setting where children can explore and experience farm animals in a natural environment. Interacting with the animals brings out the different personalities of our farm stars. It is a whole new world for young children at our petting zoo.

Our Mobile Zoos are kept sanitary at all times. We handle the details like setting up fencing, supply feed, clean droppings immediately and supply hand sanitizer to each person exiting. We always take down and leave your grounds in immaculate condition. All you need to do is provide the space for our petting zoo.

A Petting Zoo event is fun and educational


A petting zoo connects young children with nature. Many children living in Vancouver eat eggs every day but have never seen or touched a real live chicken. Parents read bedtime stories about sheep, ponies, bunnies and goats. For children, the pictures become real with the senses of smell and touch of a petting zoo.

The excitement and wonder of a child interacting with real farm animals is the best part of a petting zoo. Birthday parties, preschool programs, school fairs and church events are just some of the events that are perfect for a mobile petting zoo.

Corporate events like the annual company picnic, grand openings and trade shows can be a perfect opportunity to benefit from a mobile petting zoo. Many company picnics are a family friendly affair with lots of young children running around. If you are planning a corporate picnic then consider the fun and excitement of a petting zoo.

Our Mobile Petting Zoo brings a real farm barnyard to children


Our petting zoo brings children hands on experience with a wide variety of farm animals. We emphasize the education behind our petting zoo through different activities, posters, diagrams and handouts, as well as teaching and answering questions about animal husbandry. Children can take part in handling, and brushing the barnyard animals at our petting zoo.

For parents and adults, a petting zoo can be a Christmas type event, as they watch the children soak in the experience and wonder of the moment. In addition, the event is sure to be an ongoing topic at the dinner table, as children refer back to their moment of discovery. Their new knowledge will last a life time and provide fond memories of the time they got to visit a real petting zoo.

Take a look at our website and give us a call if you have any questions. You can also request a Quote on booking a mobile petting zoo.
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